Introducing Flex Dev IT

Flex dev IT is a meeting point for customers and IT resources. We can offer or seek flexible resource for organizations with problem of not being able to find quality developers.

Join our community and you will be connected with our specialist developers.

About Us

We are a pool of IT experts with more than twenty years in IT sectors.

Our team is a mix of European developers and devops, working directly with the customers. Our developers attend every day meetings, calls and chats like a regular employee. We prefer to work remotely in Bulgaria, but we are open to move abroad.

The customer is responsible for the day-to-day job, Flex Dev IT is responsible for quality and performance.

Company Profile

Find an optimal fit between freelance developer and organisation.

Small pool but with high quality.

Dedication to providing quality services to our customers. We will strive to implement a long term relationship with our clients, based on safety, quality, timely service and an anticipation of their needs. To help fulfill this mission we will treat our resources fairly and involve them in fun and technical activities.

Flexibility on your developers and devops fleet.

Our Clients

Things are important for a client

High quality developers

  • Internal code review.
  • Interviewed directly by us.
  • Trained by us.
  • Reviewed by us.


  • We don't anonymize profiles.
  • We apply a set margin of € 5 per hour for junior profile; all presented hourly rates are all-in excluding VAT.
  • We apply a set margin of € 10 per hour for senior profile; all presented hourly rates are all-in excluding VAT.
  • We prefer say no and not always yes...sometime. We don't have infinite resources.


  • Increase on productivity in terms of deliveries.
  • Facilitation for on-boarding our developers.
  • Focus on daily job rather that on collateral activities.

Our Developers

Things are important for a developer

No need to find new customers

  • We look new client acquisition for you...focus on the things you like more.

Be part of a network community

  • Knowledge sharing.
  • Training sessions.
  • Code support.
  • Pizza (except hawaii topping) events.


  • Known margin set fixed.
  • Payment every month in 30 days.
  • One month notice period.

Talk to Us

If you are in Bulgaria, Italy or in the Netherlands, we are happy to have a coffee or a drink together for a meet.

If you are in any other part of the world we would like to e-meet you !!!

10, ul. "Stefan Karadzha" str,
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
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